WCH takes on Bell’s palsy – Meet Curt Platt

My name is Curt Platt. I’ve had Bell’s palsy (BP) for about 12 years. It started with a wicked virus that I thought was altitude sickness since I was in the mountains of Colorado after living at sea level for a few years. I thought it was altitude sickness since I had never felt anything quite like it prior. I was miserable. After a couple days, I came off the mountain and felt better. I forgot all about it until 2 weeks later…

I woke up about 2 weeks after returning from Colorado at my home in Florida. I went into the bathroom for my morning routine. (Not to be gross, but…) I usually spit into the toilet while taking my morning leak. The spit kept landing on my chest and I was taken aback. At that point, I looked in the mirror and did not recognize what I was seeing. The entire left side of my face  was drooping. The left side of my mouth was not working, and as I realized later at the doctor’s office, I couldn’t blink my left eye. My eye was locked open and when I tried to speak my speech was distorted somewhat like I was mumbling, due to the left side of my mouth not working very well. I thought I had had a stroke or something. 

I went straight to the doctor and she took one look at me, asked me if I’d had any viruses lately, I told her about what happened in the mountains. She told me I had Bell’s palsy. I had no idea what that was. She told me not to worry – it would go away. That it did. After about 2 weeks, I still had about a 5% droop on the left side of my mouth. It’s not noticeable unless you’re looking for it. 

That’s the background. Now I’m going to paraphrase and jump ahead to what I’ve discovered makes it go away completely when it flares up. 

Since my BP has started, it has flared up about once a year. It is usually stress related in my opinion with similar symptoms and increasing severity over time. My symptoms now include shaking kind of everywhere – almost like a tremor, which is exhausting – and it tends to last about a month or so. Which is also extremely inconvenient. I can’t work etc.

I’ve seen various doctors over the years and tried various protocols to try and curtail my symptoms, all with zero success. Until my most recent flare up. 

About mid-April 2018 I felt it coming on it starts with minor shaking and a couple weeks in its full blown tremors, wicked anxiety with my face completely drooping speech and sight are compromised. 

A friend of mine came and got me and took me to his house just to get me out. We have a mutual friend in Colorado whose ex-wife had BP and was thus familiar with it. This mutual friend had a relationship with Andrew Clark, one of the founders of World Class Health. Andrew & the team at World Class Health introduced me to hemp oil and changed my life. 

Andrew sent me some 2000mg hemp oil (their most potent option). I was skeptical but willing to try anything at that point. If you told me eating cow patties would help, I would have tried it. I took 2 eyedroppers of hemp oil and literally 5 minutes later all shaking stopped. The anxiety went from a ten to a one. I was relieved just for that part. 

About 20 minutes later my friend whose house I was at got home from work and took one look at me and said, “OMG! Your face is better and your not mumbling.” 90% of my symptoms had COMPLETELY reversed. I looked in the mirror couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 

This stuff works and everyone needs to know about it. My case of Bells is considered somewhat severe and I live in constant angst of when it may flare up again. I honestly believe I have found the solution. I am currently doing a maintenance dosage daily and I feel great. 

Having dealt with this for sometime now I feel for anyone who has to live with it. I’m here to tell you there’s a solution and I’d be happy to speak to anyone who thinks it might help them and share my experience in detail. 

Good luck!

-Curt Platt