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CBD Oil  extraction can be considered to be one of the most important processes in the manufacture of CBD oils. However, it is not a complicated process. One can easily extract CBD oils by following the steps noted below. 

With CBD products taking over the marketplace and available everywhere, not much is known about CBD extraction. Learn how CBD oil is made below.

CBD Extraction

The plants are first harvested and stored in a barn. They are then left to air dry. Air drying removes any possible mildew or mold. 

They are left between three to four weeks. You can hang them upside down using trellis netting. Trellis netting is used in greenhouses to let the trailing plant to climb. 

Once they are well dried, you can now strip the flower off. Transport the flower to a processing facility. The other part of the plant is either disposed of or sold to companies. 

Once the flower gets to the processing plant, grinding turns them to the form of coffee grounds. Grounding follows passing it through a cold methanol extraction to remove terpenes. Terpenes give a distinct scent to these plants.

 It is then taken through the winterization process where they remove lipids, fatty acids, and related elements. These elements can alter the chemical makeup of the desired oil. After winterization, distillation occurs. 

Distillation gives it a warm bath that results in raw oil. Distilling again gives the oil a clear color. It also helps remove any form of contaminants.

 It also dissolves any terpenes available. After clearing the distillation process, the oil is now tested for strength and quality as required by the lab. Once it is approved, packaging them together with a carrier oil to maintain its palatable form. 

At this stage, it is free for usage in any product such as lotions, soaps, balms, etc. 

CBD Tips

Here are some few tips on how you can extract and produce CBD rich cannabis oil safely and effectively. 

  • Using carbon dioxide: using high pressure and low temperature, you can safely and effectively separate, reserve, and conserve the clarity of the medicinal oil.
  • Ethanol: it can be used to extract high-quality cannabis oil. However, it may have negative effects on the waxes of the plant. Plant waxes have beneficial medicinal benefits.
  • Olive oil: this method has been considered inexpensive yet safe for the extraction of CBD oil. The biggest disadvantage is that this type of CBD oil is perishable. You can store in a cool and dark place. 

CBD Daily Products 

CBD products vary in uses and applications. There are CBD products in both wholesale and retail. CBD bath products range from bathing soaps, body massagers, etc. you can check out CBD products near you and decide what you would like for your situation. 

Before buying any CBD oil, make sure you are familiar with the following from your preferred brand:

  • Consumer reports 
  • The amount of CBD and THC per serving
  • Full spectrum CBD rich oil extract 
  • Health claims 
  • Find products made from high resin cannabis grown according to certified regenerative organic standards 
  • Avoid products made from CBD hemp oil vape cartridge. They contain toxic thinning agents such as polyethylene glycol

CBD Oils

CBD extraction is not as complicated as one would think. However, it’s vital to ensure you follow the correct steps to ensure that the oil isn’t contaminated and maintain high quality.

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