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Franchising Opportunities

We are currently opening stores in Colorado, Nevada, and Utah, and want to open more. Store owners do not need to worry about inventory carrying costs, as we stock your shelves and manage your inventory for free. Store owners are free to sell product for whatever price they want, but will split revenue 50/50 with WCH. Products can either be sold under the WCH brand or as a white-label brand exclusively using WCH as its manufacturer. Email Ben at for details.

The franchisee will open a brick-and-mortar retail location chosen by its members but approved by World Class Health (WCH). The franchisee will  pay for rent for the store, utilities for the store, wages for staff working at the store, furnishings and equipment for the store, and all other costs for the operation of the store.


WCH will provide inventory for the store. WCH will supply the store with 4-weeks inventory for every product sold in the store, unless a different inventory management system is arranged and agreed upon by both parties. Owner  will pay WCH for product sold in the store during the previous two weeks every other Friday.

Revenue Distribution

The store owner will  set pricing for products sold in the store. Revenue will be split 50/50. If the owner invests in an aggressive store location, they could be entitled to up to 60% of revenue and WCH will be entitled to the remaining 40%. Different revenue splits depending on the value of the storefront chosen will be negotiated.


The store  will only sell CBD products manufactured by WCH. Products may be sold under white-label brand(s) or WCH brand This exclusive agreement pertains to the single aforementioned brick-and-mortar retail location to be opened at a later date.

For more questions, or any interest, please reach out to Ben at